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Motivational Posters

In last week’s episode of Family Guy there was a wonderful moment where we saw Brian at his office (working for the Pewterschmidt family cooperation) and he had a motivational poster hanging on the wall. The poster showed a tennis ball lying in the grass and it read “Go get it, boy. Go get it.”. “I will go get it. I will!” Brian muttered to himself in deep concentration, sitting at his desk.

As you know I made a (very primitive) motivational poster for my master thesis-writing self the other week, and yesterday I decided to follow up on that one by making a series of posters to use as my desk-top background, all of them based on movie characters/scenes/quotes that I like.

I decided against using  the otherwise brilliant Motivational Poster Generator, simply because I think speech balloons went better with the pictures.

I remain well aware of the irony of the fact that making these numerous posters is an act of procrastination.

1. The Replicant Messiah Tells It Like It Is 


2. Jason Bourne Lays Down the Law

3. Even Neurotic New Yorkers Have Written their Theses

4. The Amish Are Witnesses to My Procrastination

5. Rhett Butler Is No Gentleman…

(It is of course a well-known fact that speech balloons were written exclusively in italics by the time of the American civil war, so I had to change the font for this one)

6. I’m Free to Procrastinate, But Indiana Jones Will Hate Me For It


I recently watched the first season of The Wire, and oh my God, it is so good! Everyone had been telling me so, and I had been all “Yeah, yeah, but I’m not into crime stories”, but then I got hooked by the second or third episode, and now I miss the characters and can’t wait till I get my hands on the rest of the series. I’ll probably write a seperate entry about the first season here. I just don’t have the time to do that right now.

Because I’m writing my thesis. Except I tend to procrastinate. In order to hinder my own procrastination and motivate myself, I made the following image in Paint (because I am a poor sucker who still does not have Photoshop):

I’ve put it up on my desktop. And somehow it just helps to have Bunk cutting the bullshit every time I open my computer. It hasn’t taken care of the problem completely (after all I am still writing this entry right now, which is an act of procrastination in and of itself), but it has helped. I find it hard not to just write the damn thesis when Bunk is telling me to do so in an interrogation room, whilst McNulty and Greggs are looking on. Although I am not sure if Bunk would call me something as nice as “honey”. It’s entirely possible that he would call me something decidedly nastier. But let’s leave a girl her few illusions, shall we?