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Search Engine Term Goodness

Holy Christ, readers, I love you guys and your bizarre search engine terms. According to my blog stats, someone found my blog by googling the words “f*ck quest 2: romancing the bone”.

To whomever did that search: Sorry, I have no information about this without doubt inspired piece, but thanks for making my day!


I love my blog stats. And I have to say that I find it completely adorable that someone found my blog by googling the words “Ladies with no clothes on at all”. I imagine that this person really wanted to type in “naked chickzz” or something like that, but then at the last minute he or she decided that that was too crude, and went with “Ladies with no clothes on”. But then he or she just really, really wanted to emphasise the nude aspect of it, and thus added the “at all”.

I’m almost kind of sad to think how disappointed this person must have been with what he/she found here. I believe that the only ladies with no clothes on at all I have ever featured are Bernini’s Proserpine and Rembrandt’s Susanna.