Search Engine Term Goodness

Holy Christ, readers, I love you guys and your bizarre search engine terms. According to my blog stats, someone found my blog by googling the words “f*ck quest 2: romancing the bone”.

To whomever did that search: Sorry, I have no information about this without doubt inspired piece, but thanks for making my day!

4 responses to “Search Engine Term Goodness

  1. That’s nice. ALso, a clever thing you just did was type in “F*ck quest 2: Romancing the bone” again, which will increase the likelihood of people finding your blog by typing that.

    From now on, you will no doubt experience a ravenous stream of perverts flocking to your blog, complaining about the lack of boner romancing. The only remedy will, of course, be to write about said subject.

    Dang it, seems I just tripled the likelihood by typing it in again. Sorry.

  2. Oh, don’t apologize, Stig. I get quite a sadistic a kick out of visualizing perverts who find my blog and have to go through an entire essay on, say, a Verdi opera, in the frustrated hope that they will find boner romancing and quests of fornication somewhere in there.

    At the Lighthouse – Frustrating Online Perverts since 2007!


  3. Apropos a Verdi opera, i just saw rehearsals of Nabucco, act 3. It is so good, it will most definitely romance your non-existet bone.

  4. Stig, get in touch with the people in the PR department ASAP and make sure they use that sentence in the marketing of Nabucco. Because that right there is the most intriguing opera recommendation I have ever read! Can’t wait to see it!


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