“Explicitly stating the moral of the story, awkwardly working in… the movie title.”

In celebration of Oscar Night, BriTANick from the always sublime Cracked.com has made a typical Oscar bait trailer:

“Specific outlining of your major character flaws!” “Over-reaction!!”  

You may also enjoy this article from Cracked.com presenting Five Reasons The Oscars Matter Less than You Thought. I know they’re probably right, and truth be told I never really cared all that much about the Oscars. The only time I ever even stayed up to watch the whole thing was in 1998, and that was only because I wanted to see if Good Will Hunting won for best screenplay and actor (Yes, I liked Good Will Hunting a lot back then. Stop laughing! I was 14!). And then of course James Cameron ruined it all for me by delivering what may just be the most embarrassing acceptance speech ever, and I cringed so hard I pinched a nerve and never watched the Oscars again after that.

Still, there’s a part of me that will be pissed if Jeff Bridges doesn’t win that Oscar tonight. Whatever one may think of the concept of an actor being “due”, as Cracked.com calls it, that’s what he is. Jeff Bridges is due for an Oscar.

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